Your job is to stay in your zone of genius.

Mine? To make your copy sound like you, connect and convert while you 10x your impact

Hey there, I’m Mada(lina).

And apart from jumping on a tramapoline in my boyfriend’s living room everyday without fail or posing by fancy chairs…

I’ve got this gift and love of writing that I’ve turned into a skill in the last years. 

Queen of copywriting (Alex Cattoni) trained me and made me swear we’re on a mission together to de-douchify the internet and bring justice to brands by writing in an authentic, emphatic and genuine way.

So I’m here to help with:

relationship building, connection and conversion oriented copy without people even realising how they’ve fell for your brand and how they bought your services, but they’re darn grateful they did.




 It all starts when people get to see your website, Insta or YouTube and want to know more.

You’re giving them a freebie or invite them to your NL.

Cool, now what?

How do you make sure you’re turning lurkers and into “Sign-me-up for anything you’ve got!”? 

That’s not easy, I know, but necessary because:

76% of subscribers expect your welcome emails! 

Still, here’s the catch: 

Not just any emails, but emails that connect, are personality infused and add real value. 

All that before you sell


So they start trusting you, build rapport with you and understand if they vibe with your tribe.

That’s why I will write an email sequence that’s making you:

Likeable, valuable and have your subscribers ask for “where-that-card-deets-form-at?”-able.

So you can have another great source of passive income (cause there’s not much else you have to do except setting them on auto-pilot).



Soo, you’re ready to take your next launch from “Meh” to “OMG! I can’t believe I crossed the Biggest.Launch.Yet.Off my vision board!”.
But…you’ve maxed out all ideas on how to improve your sales page.
Well, I get it, the pressure is real…

(also, keep this between us, please, but it took me ages to write this site for myself. I know how hard it is to write about yourself and your work).

Your sales page is, to put it bluntly, the pivotal piece that converts prospects into customers.
So why do you want to still deal with that pressure?
You need to focus on other aspects of your launch and let me write your Highest.Converting.Sales.Page.To.Date.
based on Alex Cattoni’s
16 steps successful formula.
In my process I dig deep into customer interviews, research, pain points. All.until.drilled.down so the sale becomes a no brainer.
You should go
have a breather before hitting that launch button. 


Ok, you have your irresistible offer and thinking to let your email list know what you’re up to.
Considering by any chance to use A.I. for that?
Auch, please don’t!
I mean… don’t use it if you’re planning to have an iconic launch, otherwise, feel free to.
Let me explain why:
You see, 99% of users check their emails first thing in the morning. Before any other social media channel. Yep, for real!
But that comes with a downside as well:

they can smell templated, inaunthentic emails from miles away already.

Also, honestly, their inboxes are so crammed, they’ll open your emails only if there’s real value in them.

So, here comes my process that makes your content sound like you, stand out and sell out.

I’ll write authentic, empathetic and engaging content that creates a genuine connection with your readers.

So you can
receive replies like: ‘I feel heard, valued, inspired and I just bought your latest course!’

My way or nay (AKA the PROCESS):



You’ll have to put up with Sherlock type of logic that seems to make no sense at the beginning. 
1 hour long with me asking questions so I understand your brand voice, guidelines, your stories.
 I’ll also get to experience your services first hand ( aka listen to your coaching sessions, enrol to your courses etc)
Research. Research.Research.


Before I get down to methodically tap my fingers on the keyboard I will talk to:
1. People that came by to say hi and did not buy from you.  
2. Your current & previous customers and subscribers. 
And I’ll send over a Voice of Customer Doc that you should use as a bible from now on.  


For me to write like I’m mad and ensure I’ve captured all your ideal client’s needs, desires, pains and whip them all up. 

No fluff, but personality-driven, authentic and conversion oriented. 

You’ll get your ready-for-install emails or sales page and let the world know your glorious work is out- there. 

In the following weeks I’ll be just a click away for feedback and discuss on how it’s working and if there’s anything to improve.

Book a 15 minute chat with me here